Deadly Corona Virus and its after effects

With the rapid spread of the corona virus it’s really hard to stay in the right state of mind sometimes. Several people are getting infected and many people dying and the whole world almost locked down, people hardly have anything to talk about other than corona virus.

In my opinion this panademic will have serious after effects in the long term other than the health issues. Few people will start valuing the little things they took for granted in life like shake hands and other gestures of love and affection, they will learn the value of relationships and how necessary it is to give time to loved ones.

On the contrary there will be the lazy ones who are already crazy after the INTERNET, they will get more engrossed in it. They are the ones who would love to see everyone on their phones, tabs or PC’s etc rather then seeing them personally. Kyon milne jaaen jab screen par hi sab mil rahe hain. Virtual mulaaqaat se hi sab khush rahenge. Kaun bataae inhen ke aankhon se haqeeqatan dekhne aur screen pe dekhne mein kya farq hai, kahan wo waalidaen ka sar pe shafqat bhara haath rakhna aur kahan meelon ki doori se screen par dekhna.

People these days generally have nothing to do other than Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp etc etc. Allah bachaae hum sab ko bachaae internet ki bala se. May we not be amongst the latter ones who will fall more and more in love with the internet trap.

Aur to aur nai nai beemaariyen paida ho rahi hain, maslan khawaateen mein khaane pakaa paaka ke har jagah photos aur videos update karne ki beemari.🍳🥞🍕🌮🥙🥘🍛🍱🍩🎂🥘🥘🥘 Uff! Kya yehi kaam rehgaya hai duniya mein? Bus khaate rehna. Do we live to eat to eat to live? Kitne aur kaam hain jo hum seekh sakte hain is dauraan silaai, kadhaai, padhaai. Let’s get spiritual too! Since we are quite disconnected from the outer world it’s a great opportunity to strengthen our bond with Allah and then with our loved ones ❤️❤️❤️

May Allah help us to use our resources in the right way, to spread a good word and to make lives easier for one another. May Almighty Allah send a cure to this disease and bring life back to normal soon. In Sha Allah

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Until then,

Stay connected,

Stay safe.


The Awesome Blogger Award Goes To…

Image credit: Canva

I’m glad to let you all know that I have recently been nominated with the Awesome Blogger Award by https://saraaltafkhan.com/ . Thanks Sara for nominating me.

Sarah’s blog post are awesome and straight from the heart. The moment you read her blog you are taken to a far away place in a beautiful valley and a lot more you can read and find yourself.

Sorry about the tag, I still don’t know how to add a tag to a post.

A few rules of the Awesome Blogger Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  3. Answer the questions you were asked.
  4. Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
  5. Give them ten new questions to answer.

The nominees of the Awesome blogger award are: (Not specific order) These are few wonderful and strong women I have come across on my blogging journey.

Might of the pen https://themightofpen.com

Binte Irfan https://binteirfan.wordpress.com

Sarah Altaf Khan https://saraaltafkhan.com

Falak Khalil https://carvedinspace.wordpress.com/.

Tabassum https://eastofhiraeth.wordpress.com/

My answers to Sara’s questions:

1. Do things just tend to happen for a specific reason?

Yes, behind everything that happens there is a reason that Almighty knows. His plans are beyond our understanding and comprehension but as time unfolds we realize that what happens was the best thing that could have taken place.

2. Why do people make the promise when they don’t keep it?

Many a times people don’t realize what a promise really means. They don’t realize it’s seriousness, they just make a promise to get rid of the current situation for the time being whereas there are others who make promises and are willing to fulfill them but they are caught up in circumstances that they are unable to fulfill their promise and then there are these hypocrites who think promises are meant to be broken. These are the ones who never fulfill their promises. Never expect people like these to keep a promise!

3. Should Almighty forgive the sinner while the victim still suffering?

If you see a sinner free and happy to do as he pleases, don’t think that God has forgiven him. God gives him chances to come back to him. The sinner seems to blessed but in fact that’s one of the ways in which God tests man. Sinners shall not be forgiven till they do not ask for forgiveness from God. Victim shall be rewarded with jannah for the all the pain he has endured in this life.

4. Who was born first? Religion or Humankind?


5. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Hard to confess but I strongly feel I am a night owl. I become a lot more creative and productive at night. I still remember even during school and college days I was able to learn well after midnight on the contrary there are people who can not focus in the exam if the do not sleep early. People do tend to look down on those who stay up. You’re thought of more productive and efficient if you get up early and go to bed early. Unfortunately there’s nothing much I can do about it even though I tried changing myself several times but my brain works absolutely differently, in fact much better at night probably because of my biological internal clock.

6. Do you learn from your mistakes?

I better start learning now.

7. How will you contribute to society if you are very poor?

The least I can do is be to good to someone. I believe “Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our earth an Eden, Like the heaven above”.

8. How do you keep a balance in your personal or professional life or academic life?

Truly speaking I am not able to strike a perfect balance at anything I simply try to do my best at every thing I do.

9. What is your greatest strength? Why do you think that is your greatest strength?

Allah is greatest strength without a doubt. I believe He is my only strength because all might and power belongs to Him alone. Every time I put my trust in Him I have gained the strength and ability to do even the most difficult tasks in life. I firmly believe “Inna allaha ala kulli shay’in qadeer‘ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ Indeed Allah is capable of doing everything”

Finally coming to the last question

10. What is more important for you? Humanity or Pride


My questions for the nominees:

1. How did you get started with blogging?

2. Do you prefer blogging at a specific time or do you prefer sending out spontaneous thoughts that come to your mind?

3. Where do you live?

4. Which country/city would you love to live in?

5. Favourite program when you were a kid?

6. If you’re taken for a vacation would it be an adventurous trip/ sight seeing or nature trail?

7. Do you believe in ghost? Do remember a real story you heard about someone you know?

8. Could there be other worlds out there?

9. Favourite quotation.

10. What is your Motto in life?

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment and share your views.


Dunya aisi hi hai 😒!! Rely only on Allah

🥀Duniya aisi hi hai🥀

Neki ka to zamana hi nahin raha koi aisa mil jaae jo aapka haal hi pooch le to ghaneemat jaano. Kahan kisi ke paas itna fuzool waqt hai jo aapke haal ehwaal maaloom kare. Bus har kisi ko apna hi dard nazar aata hai aur apna hi dard samajh aata hai. Koi aapke baare mein jaanne ki zehmat kyon kare. Duniya aisi hi hai.

Yun to kai rishte aise hain maa baap ka, miyaan biwi ka aur bhai behen ka rishta aisi nemat hain Allah ki ke uska jitna shukr karo kam hai, jo aapke har haal mein aapke saath hote hain, hum apne dil ki baat unse share kar sakte hain, unhen sab bata sakte hain lekin sun sun kar bhi koi kitna sunega. Bohot kuch keh kar bhi lagta hai baat ab bhi baaqi hai.

Jitna jaldi hum is baat ko samjhen utna acha hai ke duniya aisi hi hai. Kai baar aisa hota hai ke insaan apne haalat aur gham se pareshan hokar chaahta hai ke koi ho jis se hum apna haal e dil bayan karen, koi ho jis ke kaandhe pe sar rakh kar do aansu bahaaen.

A note to my loved ones, know that I am always there for you know matter what. I’ll be there to share your sorrows and happiness, to lend you a hand, to lend you a ear, to wipe your tears, and to pray for you at all times.

Baqaul Sahir Ludhyanvi ke – “Kaun rota hai kisi ki khatir ae dost”.

Bus itna yaad rakhen aur kisi insaan se koi ummeed na rakhen. Koi nahin is zamaane jo aapko apna qeemti waqt de. Saara qeemti waqt kambakht QEEMTI phone ke liye waqf kar chuke hain sab.

Is baat par ek aur sher yaad aagaya “Fursat kise thi jo mere haalat poochta, Har shakhs apne baare mein kuch sochta mila”.

Bus ek Allah hi hai jo sunta sab ki hai. He’s keeps on calling you and waits for you to call Him back. Is liye parehsan hona chod den aur apna har gham har takleef apne dil ka haal usi ke aage rakhen, and the best part is that wo sunta hai is tarah ke poori tawajjo deta hai aur aapko poori tarah apni baat apni zubaan mein jis tarah chaahen kehne ka poora ikhtiyar hai. Ek Wo hi to hai jo aapke intezar mein baitha rehta hai ke kab Mera banda Meri taraf aaega. Din ke kisi peher bhi aap jaaen, Wo Haazir hai.

Achaanak isi baat par ek sher yaad aaya jo humne kuch arse pehle likha tha.

“Kabhi yaad mein Khuda ki is jabeen ko jhuka ke dekh, Kabhi dil se Khuda ko pukaar to, Kabhi chand ashk bahaa ke dekh”

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you have to say In Sha Allah.