The ABC of blogging

Title padh ke aisa lag raha hoga ke aaj to blogging class hai lekin yahan aisa kuch nahin hai. 🥀

Blogging ki ABC ka ata pata nahi aur chale blogging karne. ABC kya B ka bhi pata nahin tha. Ek din achaanak yunhin dekhte ki dekhte blog ban liya humne.

Kya karna hai kaise karna hai kuch soch samajh ke nahin bana blog. Bus chal pade.

Shuruaat mein to kuch bhi samajh hi nahin aa raha tha. Waqt ke saath saath kuch na kuch sab se thoda thoda seekha aur thoda trial and error method se.

Here at WordPress I’ve made a few new friends and trust me they are truly helpful and supportive.

Around eid time I was stuck with handling the comments section. This dear friend Saba helped me to get there. She went out of the way to explain it to me in a detailed manner. Special thanks to Saba (Saba Niaz Siddique).

Sincerest thanks to all followers, I truly felt no body would ever bother to read what I wrote because of the odd way in which I choose to write. Thanks a million dear friends for caring enough to read my posts and comment on them too.

Believe me it’s just your support and motivation that encourages me to write or else I wouldn’t have been able to post any further. Thanks for your kind help. It means so much to me.

Khair Ghaltiyen to ab bhi bohot hain, zaahir hai chand cheezen maaloom hone se insaan qaabil to nahin ho jaata bus koshish jaari hai. Kabhi humen ye nahin samjhna ke humen sab aata hai. Bus seekhte hi rehna hai aur koshish jaari rakhni hai.

Jahan insaan ko ye ehsaas hogaya ke use ab sab aagaya hai wo apni anaa mein ulajh ke reh jaata hai aur uske aage badhne ke imkaan nahin hain.

Daddy ki baat hamesha yaad rakhte hain

“hamesha seekhte raho”.

Isi baat par ek sher hojaae,

Chale chaliye ki chalnā hī dalīl-e-kāmrānī hai

Jo thak kar baiTh jaate haiñ vo manzil pā nahīñ sakte.

Hafeez Banarsi ka ye zabardast sher yaad aata hai aur kuch na kuch karte hi rehte hain.

Sharing with you all a doodle that I doodled a few days back.

Whispers of the heart
❤️Dil ki sargoshiyaan❤️

Of course by now you all know that’s my pen name and I prefer to use it for the time being. Suddenly some day when I feel comfortable in the blogosphere I will disclose my name until then I will make do with this one

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you have to say In Sha Allah.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned.


Kaisi Guzri Eid ?


Aap sab ko tahe dil se Eid ki Mubarakbaad. Kal India mein aur deegar mumaalik mein Eid thi. Allah Taala humaare roze aur namaz aur tamaam ibaadaat qubool kare.

Kya haal chaal hain sab ke? Eid kaisi guzri?

Yahan to ye haal hai ke guzaare nahin guzar rahi thi. Kuch toote phoote alfaaz aage peeche likhe hain apni feelings ka izhaar karne ki koshish mein.

Actually kuch likna To nahin tha poem waghaira lekin bus kuch lafz zehn mein baar baar aa rahe the. Bus jo zehn aur dil se nikle hain wo likh diye yahan. Sharing with you all my first poem ever on eid.

Jab jab eid aati hai,

Saath bachpan ki yaaden laati hai,

Befikri ke din raat raat the saare,

Khushiyon se purnoor tha aalam,

Chehre muskuraahaton se jhilmilaate the,

Ab ki ye kaisa aalam hai,

Eid guzaare na guzar rahi hai,

Lamha lamha thehra sa lagta hai,

Saare apne hain door aankhon se,

Dil ke lekin qareeb hain saare

Chaahen meelon ke faasle darmiyaan hon raahon mein,

Dil se dil ko raah hoti hai.

Yunhin aaj kuch dil humaara bojhal hai,

Kya maza zindagi ka bina azeezon ke,

Suna hai har khushi baantne se badhti hai,

Baanten kis se khushiyan apni,

Sab ke chehre hai door aankhon se,

Koi aahat si lagti hai darwaaze par,

Shayad koi aaya ho humaare ghar,

Aaya to nahin koi bus khayal humaare the.

Raah takte takte thak gaeen aankhen

Phir milenge kab dil mein sawal uthta,

Aas kehti hai faqat kuch roz aur sahi…

Eid ke asal maze to saare bachpan mein hi the, befikri hi befikri thi, na kaam ki fikr na pakaane ka koi tension. Mehndi laazmi thi. Eid aur baghair mehndi ke tasavvur hi nahin kar sakte the. I loved it sooo soooo much that I would cry without it. Eid mein taiyyar hone ka aur eidi milne ka intezar hota tha. Maasoomiyat aisi thi ke jitne notes zyada hote the samajhte the utni zyada eidi hai paise chaahen thode se hi kyon na hon.

Henna I applied on my niece’s hands few months ago
Image: Pexels

Aur ab to kaam hi kaam, work makes it all so boring! To bus eidi hoti hai aur hum flash back mein chale jaate hain. That’s just the way I feel, sab ka pata nahin.

Just feeling a bit low but Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, this is just a phase in life… Faqat kuch roz aur sahi…

There are others facing several difficulties and are being tested in many ways we are absolutely blessed by Allah in every way. Alhamdulillah!! My duas for all those facing calamities and difficult times.

Sorry about the way I write, thodi English thodi Urdu. I wonder why. Maybe because I like Urdu so much and certain things I prefer saying in Urdu rather than in English. Urdu To Phir Urdu Hai! I know it’s absolutely so wrong but I guess we have our own freedom to express ourselves.

Aapki eid kaisi guzri bataaiyega zaroor…


Ramzan Chala Gaya Eid aa Gai

Assalamualaikum, as Ramazan has come to an end I would love to share this precious little advice I heard from Utazah Iffat Maqbool.

I’m sure you too must have come across many such reminders. This one is a reminder to myself first and I would like to share it with you all too simply for the sake of Allah.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

May Allah make this Eid one filled with happiness and allow us do good deeds just for the sake of Allah’s pleasure.


Eid Mubarak to All

Video credit:
The Original video is not mine
Video edited by Binte Bashir

Aaj Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Pakistan aur baaqi Gulf countries mein eid hai to sab ko Eid-ul-fitr ki dili mubarakbaat ya dili mubarakbaad (whichever is correct).

India waalon ko aur jahan jahan eid nahin hui hai aaj unhen kal denge eid ki mubarakbaad ( just now I googled and found out that it’s mubarakbaad not mubarakbaat. Ab tak to yehi pata nahin tha ye end mein d hai ya t 😁. How dumb!

May Allah accept all our ibadah and forgive our sins. May Allah take away all the troubles, griefs and sickness from the whole world.

Allah Taala humen agla ramzan hum apne azeezon ke saath dekhna naseeb ho. Allah Taala sab ko sehat aur aafiyat de.

Due to the lock down this Eid we will truly realize the value of seeing our loved ones which we always take for granted. Aur kitne the jo pichle saal humaare saath the lekin is nahin hain. My beloved uncle is one them. He passed away recently. He was a true gem. We miss him very much. Allah Taala unki maghfirat farmaae aur darjaat buland kare.

This is it for today. My tomorrow’s post will be a blast from the past. Is waqt to yehi socha hai. Let’s see how it turns out.

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe.


A Heartfelt and Powerful Advice as Ramadan Approaches its Conclusion

As Ramadan has almost come to an end I would like to share this powerful advice that I came across by Shaykh Al Allamah Salih Al Fawzan.

A page from my diary
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

These are notes from my diary. Please excuse my bad handwriting and any other errors in this post.

May Allah Forgive our shortcomings and accept our deeds and give us the ability to continue our deeds solely for His sake.