Eid Mubarak to All

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The Original video is not mine
Video edited by Binte Bashir

Aaj Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Pakistan aur baaqi Gulf countries mein eid hai to sab ko Eid-ul-fitr ki dili mubarakbaat ya dili mubarakbaad (whichever is correct).

India waalon ko aur jahan jahan eid nahin hui hai aaj unhen kal denge eid ki mubarakbaad ( just now I googled and found out that it’s mubarakbaad not mubarakbaat. Ab tak to yehi pata nahin tha ye end mein d hai ya t 😁. How dumb!

May Allah accept all our ibadah and forgive our sins. May Allah take away all the troubles, griefs and sickness from the whole world.

Allah Taala humen agla ramzan hum apne azeezon ke saath dekhna naseeb ho. Allah Taala sab ko sehat aur aafiyat de.

Due to the lock down this Eid we will truly realize the value of seeing our loved ones which we always take for granted. Aur kitne the jo pichle saal humaare saath the lekin is nahin hain. My beloved uncle is one them. He passed away recently. He was a true gem. We miss him very much. Allah Taala unki maghfirat farmaae aur darjaat buland kare.

This is it for today. My tomorrow’s post will be a blast from the past. Is waqt to yehi socha hai. Let’s see how it turns out.

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe.

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