The ABC of blogging

Title padh ke aisa lag raha hoga ke aaj to blogging class hai lekin yahan aisa kuch nahin hai. 🥀

Blogging ki ABC ka ata pata nahi aur chale blogging karne. ABC kya B ka bhi pata nahin tha. Ek din achaanak yunhin dekhte ki dekhte blog ban liya humne.

Kya karna hai kaise karna hai kuch soch samajh ke nahin bana blog. Bus chal pade.

Shuruaat mein to kuch bhi samajh hi nahin aa raha tha. Waqt ke saath saath kuch na kuch sab se thoda thoda seekha aur thoda trial and error method se.

Here at WordPress I’ve made a few new friends and trust me they are truly helpful and supportive.

Around eid time I was stuck with handling the comments section. This dear friend Saba helped me to get there. She went out of the way to explain it to me in a detailed manner. Special thanks to Saba (Saba Niaz Siddique).

Sincerest thanks to all followers, I truly felt no body would ever bother to read what I wrote because of the odd way in which I choose to write. Thanks a million dear friends for caring enough to read my posts and comment on them too.

Believe me it’s just your support and motivation that encourages me to write or else I wouldn’t have been able to post any further. Thanks for your kind help. It means so much to me.

Khair Ghaltiyen to ab bhi bohot hain, zaahir hai chand cheezen maaloom hone se insaan qaabil to nahin ho jaata bus koshish jaari hai. Kabhi humen ye nahin samjhna ke humen sab aata hai. Bus seekhte hi rehna hai aur koshish jaari rakhni hai.

Jahan insaan ko ye ehsaas hogaya ke use ab sab aagaya hai wo apni anaa mein ulajh ke reh jaata hai aur uske aage badhne ke imkaan nahin hain.

Daddy ki baat hamesha yaad rakhte hain

“hamesha seekhte raho”.

Isi baat par ek sher hojaae,

Chale chaliye ki chalnā hī dalīl-e-kāmrānī hai

Jo thak kar baiTh jaate haiñ vo manzil pā nahīñ sakte.

Hafeez Banarsi ka ye zabardast sher yaad aata hai aur kuch na kuch karte hi rehte hain.

Sharing with you all a doodle that I doodled a few days back.

Whispers of the heart
❤️Dil ki sargoshiyaan❤️

Of course by now you all know that’s my pen name and I prefer to use it for the time being. Suddenly some day when I feel comfortable in the blogosphere I will disclose my name until then I will make do with this one

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you have to say In Sha Allah.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned.

24 thoughts on “The ABC of blogging”

  1. Thanks a million for acknowledgment, though you needn’t have done so💖💕💞💕💖
    It shall remain my pleasure to being able to help you 💕
    Learning is a continuous process and we learn from everyone that comes in our way. Less or more we learn from all.
    Let’s keep learning and never stop 🤗💖🤗

    Liked by 6 people

  2. “Waqt ke saath saath kuch na kuch sab se thoda thoda seekha aur thoda trial and error method se.”

    Same, my friend! Do saal hone waale hain aur abhi bhi seekh hi rahe hain. Upar se, they add new features too frequently. I feel the best thing about WordPress is that we’ve, I can’t find the right words right now, a much more sensible and intelligent community here, unlike on other platforms (As my experience tells me).

    You truly are an honest, sweet, beautiful person! 🌹

    Pehle mehndi, ab doodle! Gorgeous! ❤
    Your sense of humour too is top-notch. 😁😄


    Liked by 5 people

    1. Really this platform is full of sensible and intelligent people.
      I’m delighted that you value the Mehndi and doodle, it’s of no value to many.
      You feel so about my humor but other wise I’m a bit serious person.
      🌈🌟Thanks for your appreciation💐😍

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I am hanging onto that. :))
        I’m an anxiety-prone introvert and last few years of my life have strengthened my faith in Him more than anything else. 😊

        Liked by 2 people

  3. I love how you interact with people on their post, & send them good wishes.
    I feel so good while reading your posts!
    I’ve learned so much in these 2 months since i joined WordPress. I made some amazing friends! It’s just awesome! Much gratitude to you for showing so much love on my posts, and on all others! Jazaakillah Khayr! Stay blessed always🌟💖🌸

    Liked by 4 people

  4. We are humans and we are not perfect so yes we do make mistakes and its perfectly fine.
    Unfortunately i think i haven’t read out your everry post😓 but i am sure your every single post is super amazing💞 MashaAllah
    And thanks a million for always stopping by at my posts and always showing the love and support 💜
    May you always remain bless and happy. Ameen

    Liked by 3 people

  5. aapki writing aur calligraphy bahut khoobsurat hai, mashallah.
    Sher bhi bahut achha likha hai- “Chale chaliye ki chalnā hī dalīl-e-kāmrānī hai; Jo thak kar baiTh jaate haiñ vo manzil pā nahīñ sakte”

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Alhamdulillah. I acquired this handwriting from my father and brother, their writing is too beautiful. Thanks for appreciating. Wo sher humara nahin hai. Kahin padha tha kabhi but very motivational.

      Liked by 1 person

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