Memories, Urdu Poetry

Ghunche Yaadon Ke

Ghunche se khile hain yaadon ke, Palkon par hai shabnam ki nami, Kuch abr sa barsa aankhon se, Aur dil ne kaha hai teri kami. Ek dasht e musalsal paaon tale, Hain Khamoshi ke saae ghane, Har aahat par tera hi khayal aae, Aur dil ne kaha hai teri kami. Binte Bashir

Hamd Baari Taala

Koi To Hai

Aaj yunhin subah subah ye hamd zubaan par aagai aur dil mein khayal aaya ke kyon na aap sab se share ki jaae. Ye umda kalaam hai Muzaffar Warsi ka. Kis khoobsurati se Allah Taala ki maujoodgi ka bayaan kiya hai. Ye aap khud padh kar hi andaaza laga sakte hain. Koi to hai jo… Continue reading Koi To Hai


Come What May

Come what may never ever ever give up in life. No matter how hard it and impossible it may seem but always remember things seems difficult at times but it is only after hardships, trial and tribulations that we achieve success in whatever we choose to do. Nothing comes easy in life. I repeat NOTHING… Continue reading Come What May


Gulshan Ki Faqat Phoolon Se Nahin

Gulshan ki faqat phoolon se nahin kaaton se bhi zeenat hoti hai,jeene ke liye is duniya mein gham ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai. Wo pursish-e-gham ko aae hain kuch keh na sakoon chup reh na sakoon,khaamosh rahoon to mushkil hai keh doon to shikaayat hoti hai. Karna hi padega zabt-e-alam peene hi padenge ye aansu,fariyaad-o-fughaan… Continue reading Gulshan Ki Faqat Phoolon Se Nahin


Cling To The Robe Of The Archer

“A buzurg asked the people about a powerful archer who never errs in his aim. The sky is his bow and all the difficulties and calamities of the universe are the arrow. Tell me, what is the way of saving yourself from him? They answered that it is not possible to save oneself from him.… Continue reading Cling To The Robe Of The Archer


Do You Doodle?

It’s so amazing what a wandering mind can do. Many a times when I see a piece of paper and a pen or pencil I start doodling flowers, curves, curls and swirls. Doodling is fun. It is so satisfying and surprising to see how your doodles end up. It specially happens while I’m on a… Continue reading Do You Doodle?

Favourite Feeings

10 Favourite Feelings

It’s been sitting back in my Drafts folder for too long, it was high time I published it. Thanks dear Insa for nominating me. Insa has this art of sharing her thoughts so beautifully. This post is a wonderful opportunity to spread smiles across the miles. I must admit that WordPress is one of the… Continue reading 10 Favourite Feelings


The Penable Award!

Hello! Hope you all are trying to have a nice time in this lockdown. Yesterday I was nominated by Saba for The Penable Award and I’m grateful and honored. Thanks a million Saba for considering me. It came to me as a surprise and I was thrilled to see it. Saba is a wonderful and… Continue reading The Penable Award!


Beautiful Disaster Recipe

Though I’m not much of a cooking fan I tried my hand at making Rasmalai for my husband and son, specially my son he simply loves it. Unfortunately something went wrong and they all crumbled and got destroyed a few minutes after putting them in chaashni. Phir To kya rasmalai banaate jab saare dumplings hi… Continue reading Beautiful Disaster Recipe