‘Tis Easy Doodle

One of my favourite quote

I started this doodle many days ago, drew something bit by bit but completed it today and added one of my favourite quotes to this doodle by Ella Wheeler Wilcox .

” Tis easy enought to be pleasant, when life flows like a song, but the man worth while is the one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong”.

Khushi mein har ek muskuraata hai, maza to jab hai ke koi mushkilaat mein bhi muskuraata rahe. Jigar chaahiye mushkil waqt mein muskuraane ko. Isi baat par ek sher bhi aap sab ki pesh e nazar. Shayar ka naam nahin malum.

Jis ne adaa seekh li gham mein muskuraane ki,

Use kya mitaaengi gardishen zamaane ki.

36 thoughts on “‘Tis Easy Doodle”

      1. I also miss reading your blogs and few other people’s blog.Infact I am thinking to post something on my own blog as well but have no time in hand.But InshaAllah i wilk take out sometime to read your amazing and heart touching post ❤


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