Whispers of the Heart

Image credit: Binte Bashir via Canva

Bade josh-o-kharosh mein blogging shuru to ki thi lekin his tarah kuch arse baad har cheez ka maza aur wo josh nahin rehta jo shuruaat mein hota hai wohi haal blogging ka bhi hua. Kuch to masroofiyat ki wajah se blogging mein kami aa gai aur phir na jaane kya kya khayal dimaagh mein aane lage.

Kabhi ye ke is sab ka haasil kya hai.

Kya waaqai koi padhega ya bus like like kar ke aage badh jaaenge?

To kabhi ye khayal ke bekaar hai just a waste of time.

Sach bataaen to humen sirf aur sirf kisi review ya comment padh kar hi tasalli hoti. Like to jis ko nahin bhi pasand ho wo bhi kar dete hain bus dil khush karne ke liye. Koi khaali nahin baitha hota hai posts padhne ke liye and I mean it. Is daur mein jo aapko apna waqt de wo bohot qeemti hai. But I can understand not everyone has the time to read it all. It’s ok in that case.

Waste of time, useless aur na jaane kya kya socha lekin phir bhi chod to nahin paae. Blog to nahin kiya itne arse mein magar na jaane kitne blog ban ban ke reh gae. Dimaagh mein hi roz blog likhte, sochte aur yunhin chod dete. Kabhi itne dinon mein wo sab likha nahin aur kabhi likhna chaaha to waqt ne ijaazat nahin di. Lekin dimaagh ne to apna kaam jaari rakhe. I couldn’t help writing blogs in my mind. Sochte rahe ke nahin koi blog karenge magar alfaaz to jaise dil se nikal kar dimaagh mein kahin ja kar darj hote chale ja rahe the.

Blogging I feel is an extension of my childhood hobby diary writing. I’ve always loved it. I thought of quitting blogging but then I felt, one last time and I’m still going on. Har thode din mean aisa lagta hai ye baat to share karni hi chaahiye. Haan ye aur baat hai ke itne regular nahin hain lekin humaare khayal se something is better than nothing.

Oh boy! Those were lovely days. Diary writing was so wonderful and a good way of recording memories. Jab chote the to ye soch kar kabhi nahin likha ke diary writing could be a way of reforming or analysing oneself. Bus yunhin likhte the. Lekin ab kuch purana likha hua padhte hain to hansi aati hai. How dumb and foolish was I.

Blogging is fun but I bet nothing can beat a book and a pen. There’s something so special about books. You have memories attached to them and I’m sure you can’t feel the same way about a blog. We make an emotional connection with books.

Nonetheless blogging is here to stay. It’s the best way to share your thoughts with people all across the world about anything and everything in your own way. Bus ek kharaabi hai banda post par likes ke chakkar mein pad jaata hai. I never want to fall into that trap. This is the only reason why I never like people simply liking my posts. Like it only if you like it.

Kisi pe kisi tarah ka koi compulsion nahin hai. Sab ki apni pasand hai. Pasand aae to like kariye napasand ho to hargiz like mat kariye. I’m sorry I know this is sounding so rude but somehow that is how I like it.

Image credit: Binte Bashir via Canva

Well, as I come towards the end of this I must tell you honestly I feel I’m just rambling. Baat kahan se shuru karte hain aur kahan le jaate hain. I just write what comes to mind and whatever is in my heart. It’s not the right way to write but it’s just Straight from the heart ♥️ and this is why my blogs tag line is Whispers of the heart.

Likhne, padhne aur kehne sunne ki baat chali hai to Sahir Ludhianvi ki ye khoobsurat nazm pesh e khidmat hai. Enjoy

Main pal do pal ka shaair hoon pal do pal meri kahani hai

Pal do pal meri hasti hai pal do pal meri jawani hai

Mujh se pehle kitne shaair aae aur aa kar chale gae

Kuch aanhen bhar kar laut gae kuch naghme gaa kar chale gae

Wo bhi ek pal ka hissa the main bhi ek pal ka hissa hoon

Kal tum se juda hojaaoonga go aaj tumhara hissa hoon

Pal do pal mein kuch keh paaya itni hi sa’aadat kaafi hai

Kal aur aaenge naghmon ki khilti kaliyaan chunne waale

Mujh se behtar kehne waale tum se behtar sunne waale

Har nasl ki ek fasl hai dharti ki aaj ugti hai kal kat-ti hai

Jeevan wo mehngi mudra hai jo qatra qatra bat’ti hai

Saagar se ubhri lehr hoon main saagar mein phir kho jaaunga

Mitti ki rooh ka sapna hoon mitti mein phir kho jaaunga

Kal koi mujhko yaad kare kyon koi mujh ko yaad kare

Masroof zamaana mere liye kyon waqt apna barbaad kare.

34 thoughts on “Whispers of the Heart”

  1. What a delightful post Binte Bashir 💖🤗

    It started with Urdu and went onto English- I am pleasantly surprised that your English is so good 😊

    You have touched many points and replying to all would mean a new post for me 😅

    Many a time we have more enthusiasm in the beginning. If we succeed we keep the enthusiasm or it can grow more too. Sometimes we may even succeed but get new hobbies or distractions.

    I agree : likes are almost meaningless ☺️ engaging with the blogger is the key. But then we can’t engage with all – if there is big following. So it boils down to what is it that I want.

    You know my dear : What we do or are doing is important but Why we are doing what we are doing is more important. If you are Blogging – Why? If you quit Blogging – Why?

    Oh yes, pencil and diary are a different feel all together. I have been writing my journal during the Lockdown.

    Your writing and your thoughts Binte Bashir are beautiful. I will be sad if you discontinue.

    Love and blessings 😊🌹🤗

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    1. I’m so glad that you found the post delightful. You always take time to read all my posts and reply to them so thoughtfully.

      I totally agree with all that you have said. I need to correct my perception about blogging.

      It’s so nice to know that you think so about my writing. Thanks for your appreciation. I’m humbled. I’m not leaving yet but I have been getting such thoughts every now and then.

      “What we do or are doing is important but Why we are doing what we are doing is more important” Laakh rupae ki baat ki baat kahi aapne. We must know what we are doing and why. It will not only keep us motivated but also help us to stay in the right path.

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      1. I always read and comment on the posts of people I love 😊 It is my pleasure entirely 😊

        And I too keep thinking about: The why of blogging and all of my other similar activities 😊

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  2. Thoughtful post! I liked the shayri at the end. And you’re right kai pasand aai tou like karai and na aai tou na karai… but honestly, your posts are nice to read. Especially because of how you write with a mix of Urdu and English 👏👏

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you dear for your precious time. It means so much. 😊🌹
      Wo shairi sahir ludhianvi ki hai. Zabardast shair the.

      Pata hai humaare khayal se pasand na aae to respectfully comment mein zaroor bataana chaahiye ke kya pasand nahin aaya. I always welcome constructive.

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  3. Dear sister, little change is always good and it brings new ideas with fresh energy.
    I too am not very active on blog and thinking about quitting but then a thought came; quitting blogging is simply means to block the flow of my thoughts… so I changed my mind 🤗😍
    Keep writing and sharing your wisdom with us, so we may learn together 💕

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    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      You’re right quitting blogging means blocking the flow of thoughts. Recently when I didn’t write it was really frustrating at times.

      Thanks Saba dear for always taking time to read my post and motivating me to keep on writing. I needed it. You’ve always been there from me since the start and it means so much to me♥️♥️🌸

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  4. You written very well.This is not rude. Truths are always bitter. Ye sach hai Yaha bhi likes followers in Sab chakkar me jyda log rahte hai. Aur ye BHI Kahi na Kahi sach hai Kuch log Bina padhe hi like Kar dete hai😃.But Sab aise Nahi hai. Some people are genuinely like to read our posts.
    Aur hame kudh samjhana chaiye sabko Sab cheeze Nahi pasnd ho sakti.And all have time limitations.So agar app ko na pasnd ho to na padho. Read what you like.there are many things many thoughts to explore. Hame khud se honest Hona chahiye.thats important I guess.
    And at last I want to say you, if you don’t mind that keep writing. Agar apko likhne se , share Karne se khusi milti hai. Then do it for yourself.
    Agar Apka thought Kisi ek ke liye BHI helpful hai ya genuinely use pasand ata hai. Then I guess Apka likhna safal hai. Sab ek jase Nahi hote.there are variety of people everywhere.So we should just focus on doing what we like, rather thinking about people.And we should try to be honest to oursef.
    Best wishes, Keep writing .😊

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  5. Well, Bushra, to tell you I was so waiting for your post and just didn’t checked for the past 2- 3 days😅
    Thats true that if someone comments, it gives you this joy that really someone is reading and appreciating your work which gives you motivation further to write more.
    Wahi hai Insaan kitna bhi keh le laikin farq to padta hai in sab ka. 😀
    I so loved to read your post and this song.. Oh Iove it so much. ❤️
    College se aakar dopahar me mobile me pasandeeda ye 4-5 songs chala kar me or meri behen lutf liya karte the. 😀
    Keep writing dear.. There are people waiting for your posts 😀❤️
    For me also, writing ws just to vocalise my emotions and I felt relaxed. It’s just a while ago that people came to k ow about it and my husband forced me to start blogging.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Many thanks Samreen for always visiting my page and checking on me. Lately I was just puzzled about what to do and what not to do about blogging hence I did not post anything.

      So glad to know you loved the post.

      Baat to bilkul sahi kahi hai aapne ke kuch bhi keh ko farq to padta hai. Appreciation keeps us motivated. As they say “A little motivation goes a long way”.

      It’s so nice to hear your blogging story and story of others here at WordPress.
      Keep going and keep us all motivated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We should indeed keep moving, keep learning, keep motivating and be motivated, keep inspiring and be inspired in whatever and whichever way we can. 😊 Stay blessed dear, Allah hafiz🌷💖


  6. I totally agree with you binte bashir
    Infact sometimes you really feel so enthusiastic when you see people are actually reading and interacting with your post selflessly but yaqeen janiye aj itne days bad jab wordpress open kia hai to mind me ap ka namw zaroor tha ke binte bashir ki post parhne hai and its good to see ke apne to kafi post likh dalein😀😀❤❤❤
    Don’t quit blogging because there are people who actually waits for your amazing post
    Stay happy always❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so nice to hear that from you. I too have been waiting for something from you. Waise to WordPress bhara pada hai logon se par kuch khaae log hain infact I should say wordpress friends jin ka intezar rehta hai and you’re one of them. Sab thodi us tarah ki dosti ho sakti hai. Oh please put up something I’m always waiting aur asal maza apne close friends ki posts padh kar hi aata hai. 💞💕🌺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooo i am sooo glad to know that my wordpress friend is actually waiting for my post😍😍….inshaAllah gonna upload a new one in 2 to 3 days hopefully as you know my entrance exammmm😰

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Waise exam nazdeek hai to phir wordpress can always wait. Exam ho jaae tab ek acha sa post kariye if you are not having the time to write one now. I can really understand the exam panic. I had every problem related to exams. I had exam fever and the worst was being blank in the exam. I can never forget that. Ache khaase yaad kiye karate answers ud jaate the dimaagh se question paper dekhte hi.

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