‘Hey, but you look like a muslim’: Identity crisis for practicing muslims

Today I am rebloging this post of a fellow WordPress friend. It’s an outstanding article shedding light on the plight of Muslim men and women these days who are judged for the way they choose to dress and look.

As if she wanted to say something, or ask, or perhaps wanted to simply burst into laughter saying, ‘Hey, But You Look Like a Muslim’. This shot came …

‘Hey, but you look like a muslim’: Identity crisis for practicing muslims

12 thoughts on “‘Hey, but you look like a muslim’: Identity crisis for practicing muslims”

  1. Anyways, I came back to my book. ‘Oh, But You Don’t Look Like a Muslim’ is the book written by Rakshanda Jalil, an Indian literary historian and cultural commentator. She talks about the stereotyping of Muslims in India, associating them with a certain set of characteristics, portraying them in a bad light, and about many more things. “The truth perhaps is that religious zealots adopt these intractable positions not because they have substantial proof for their belief- either in Holy Qur’an or in the Sharia-but simply because they fear that those who ask for debate will challenge their hegemony,” the book said.

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