Ek Naya Aaghaaz

Image credit: Binte Bashir via Canva

Anjaam Us ke haath mein hai aaghaaz kar ke dekh,

Bheege hue paron se hi parvaaz kar ke dekh.

~Nawaz Deobandi

Zindagi mein har qadam par insaan ko ek naya aaghaaz karne ka mauqa milta hai aur ye hum par munhasir hai ye hum us mauqe se faaida uthaate hain ya nahin.

Kaamyaabi aur naakaami Allah Ta’ala ke haath mein hai is ke saath saath bande ko koshish jaari rakhni chaahiye.

By the way, it still is difficult for me but nevertheless it’s worth giving a try.

Gharz ye ke kuch arse pehle ek fellow WordPress blogger A R Mohsin Sheikh ne ye mashwara diya ke instagram par blog banaana chaahiye. Infact my husband too suggested that I should try and post on other platforms if I intend to start blogging so that readers can easily access it from any platform they wish to choose to use but that was too much for me in the beginning.

Huge thanks to my husband for movitating me and guiding and A.R. Mohsin for instilling in me the idea to start blogging on Instagram.

Perhaps you might like to have a look at my Instagram page @whipersoftheheart_bintebashir and my Pinterest page and Youtube channel. I’m sure you will find something that captures your interest and make your day (hopefully) 😥.

This was one of the many reasons why I have been away from WordPress. I have to admit that I took a really long break from WordPress and it sort of ruined the continuity I had. I guess I will have to workout something and turn hundreds of my drafts into blog posts like this one. It has been in my drafts since a long long time now. Finally I decided to put an end to all the procrastination and publish this one.

38 thoughts on “Ek Naya Aaghaaz”

  1. Assalamu alaykum!!
    How are you doing??
    Ahhh i immediately liked and subscribed to your Instagram page and YouTube channel!!! Love your Instagram page♥️♥️♥️
    It’s perfectly fine to be away, I was feeling down since a couple of weeks too so I decided to stay away from social handles. Anyway, how have you been all this time? I hope everybody’s doing great at your end Insha’Allah!
    Sending you lots of love and dua’as!😍❤️
    Please remember me and my family in your dua’as too!♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here I got super excited and extremely happy to see you on Instagram and sent you a message right away. I loved all the videos you’ve put up there.
      As of present there’s not much I’ve done there. I’m glad you liked my instagram page. Thank you so much for all the support and motivation 😊😊😊It really means so much.

      I’m absolutely fine and hope you and all are fine at your place.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Umm I didn’t receive any message on Instagram, I’m afraid if you’ve sent it to someone else? Or maybe I didn’t get any?
        Ahh I’m doing well Alhamdulillah! The University work is literally so much, and I’ve lost all the motivation to write on WordPress🥺

        Liked by 1 person

      2. message as in a comment. Which subjects have you taken? Writing requires peace of mind
        and I know it’s not easy to write when you’ve got several other things on your mind. When we keep on writing there’s a flow of thoughts and I guess taking a break might sometime disrupt it.

        I guess at the moment you can’t afford to neglect you studies rest all can wait. But you might want to write something once in a while when you have some spare time at hand.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. But I didn’t receive any comment either. I neither have any videos/posts on my Instagram :((
        I’ve texted you though on Instagram!
        Ahh so I just got into first year of MBBS! And the ride is not less than a roller coaster!
        That’s exactly so true. It actually disrupts all your thought process when you’ve loads of work on side to do.
        I’m thinking the same, I have modular exam in the 2nd week of Ramadan and that’s stressing me out🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Sorry dear. I guess that was someone else. I fooled myself.
        How terrible! Ramzan ke beech mein kuch bhi ho bohot zyada mushkil lagta hai.
        Wish you luck. May Allah have mercy on you and make it easy for you as. Phir In Sha Allah Doctor saahiba ban jaaengi tab to Pakistan aana pa dega milne.


      1. Bushra baji or even aunty will do 😆😆

        Alhmadulillah all absolutely fine. We all fell sick one by one but everyone’s fine now.
        I read in some comments that you were not well. I hope everything’s fine now.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OK Aunty… 😜 … That is sad to hear… U hv recovered Alhamdulilah.. May Almighty keep U safe and healthy..
        No I was all fine… Ap bemaar thei iska mtlb yeh nahi ki sab bemaar honge 😆…
        Shukur Allah subhanwatallah fr His blessings 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello assalamualaikum….
    Umeed karta hu ke aap aur aapke family sab theek hai ….
    I am really glad that you took up the opportunity and sahi time pe aap instagram aur YouTube pe aa gaye.

    Inshallah aise hee blog dekhne milenge aapse aisi main promise chahta hu …..

    Ek naya aaghaaz really beautiful …..


    1. Waalaikumassalam,

      Thanks for visiting and I’m really glad you liked the post. In Sha Allah I’ll try my best to blog frequently.
      Regarding Instagram and YouTube I’m new to both and I post something once in a while. Do visit it when time allows you.

      Thanks for your support.


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