Beautiful Disaster Recipe

Though I’m not much of a cooking fan I tried my hand at making Rasmalai for my husband and son, specially my son he simply loves it. Unfortunately something went wrong and they all crumbled and got destroyed a few minutes after putting them in chaashni. Phir To kya rasmalai banaate jab saare dumplings hi toot phoot gae.

Chaashni mein daalne ke baad kya hua wo photo to liya nahin. Dumplings ke saath saath dil bhi toot gaya is liye koi photo nahin liya.

Recipe: First boil milk, curdle by adding lemon. Then … bada lamba procedure hai. Itna lamba qisse sunaane ka faida nahin waise bhi ye kaafi din pehle ki baat hai. It was a waste of both my time and energy.

This was the second time I was trying it. Pehli baar to ghalti se bohot hi ache bane the lekin is baar to 🙄 disaster hogaya.

Khaana pakaane mein aksar aise haadsaat hote rehte hain. I’m sure agar humaare jaise cook hain aap to aapse bhi aisi haseen ghalti hui hogi. Share some of your experiences.