Nostalgia, Rainy Day

It Raining It’s Pouring

Hi all, Assalamualaikum. May the Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah (God) with you. The weather here in Bombay has been changing since few days and now all of a sudden it’s raining and pouring and the rain brings back to my mind those lovely childhood days and the sweet rhymes.

Sharing with you all these wonderful nursery rhymes that I have always held close to my heart and on rainy days like these they just keep coming back to my mind.

🌧🌧 Rain is falling very fast we can’t go out to play,

We are happy, all so happy on this rainy day… la la la la la la la”🌧🌧

Another one from Mother Goose:

🌧🌧🌧🌧It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The old man’s snoring.
He got into bed
And bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning.

And last but not the least this popular rhyme. I’m sure its an all time favourite of everyone.

Rain rain go away,

Come again another day,

Little Johnny wants to play.

But I certainly wouldn’t want the rain to come another as we all are enjoying this day🌧🌧🌧.

I know these rhymes might be sounding so childish and foolish to some but I guess each one of us has a child residing deep inside us, that shows up here and there at certain times.

Well for now let’s relax and enjoy the lovely weather.

Hope you all are enjoying too 🌧🌧🌧.


Mullaani Hogai Hai

Jab koi aadmi Allah Taala ko uski poori azmat ke saath paa leta hai, to uske andar ek roohani hulchul paida ho jaati hai, us hulchul se kya hota hai har waqt use Allah Taala ki yaad aati hai. Aisa kyon? Beikhtiyaar kyon ho jaata hai?

Ab sote hue uth rahe hain “Allah”,

Ab sone ja rahe hain “Allah”,

Ab kuch dekhte hain fauran “Allah”,

Ye kaise hota hai, kyon ke Allah ko shaoor ke saath paaya hai na to dil mein ek iztiraab (restlessness) hai, uski yaad hai jo zubaan pe beikhtiyaar aa jaata hai,

kabhi zabaan se shukar ke kalimaat nikalte hain “Alhamdulillah”,

Kabhi dar lagta hai to kehte hain “Astaghfirullah”,

Kabhi koi achi cheez dekhte hain “Masha Allah”,

Hairat hoti hai to “Subhan Allah”,

Humaari to lughat (language) se ye baaten nikal gaeen aur humko ye lafz bolne mein bhi sharm aati hai ab, log kya kahenge “Mullani hogai hai”.

Ye mullani ke alfaz nahin hain, ye Allah ki mohobbat karne waalon ke besaakhta (involuntary) jumle (sentences) hain.

Lekin aap dekhen ke aaj ke log badi badi gaadiyon mein baith kar, bade bade gharon mein reh kar, bade bade ohdon(positions) aur jobs pe itminaan (peace) se mehroom hain, ajeeb pareshani ka shikaar hain, jitni maadi(material) taraqqi badhi utni besukooni badhi, har taraf comfort dene waale saaman maujood hain, thick carpets, bhaari parde, bhaari furniture, behtareen khaane, umda(excellent) libaas lekin sukoon naam ki cheez nahin hai, sab cheezen ajnabi aur moo chidaati hui nazar aati hain, haqeeqi khushi nahi logon ke chehron par, masnooi(artificial) muskurahat ke peeche ek fikar ki lehar saaf dekhi ja sakti hai. Kyon? Iski wajah kya hai? Iski wajah ye hai ke khushi to rooh ko hoti hai na, aur rooh ka saaman Quran hai jo Rooh-ul-Ameen le kar aae.

Aur hum usko khush karna chaahte hain maadi (material) cheezon se maslan bacha khilauna maang raha hai aur hum usko khaana khilaane lag jaaen. To wo khush ho Jaaega? Wo kahega mujhe khilauna chaahiye aur aap kahen aao khaana khaao. Wo aur cheekhega main khaana maang raha hoon aap mujhe khaana khilaate hain, kyon ke wo to aam taur par(normally) bhi use khaana nahin acha lagta.

Humaara haal yehi hai, jis cheez ki khushi jis cheez mein hai wohi milegi to rooh khush hogi. Ab aap dekhen ke ek Insaan se mil ke aapko khushi hoti hai, wo na mile saikadon(thousands) log milen. Dil ka Kya haal hota hai? Khush hote hain aap? Nahin! Aur wo ek mil jaae to sab kuch mil jaata hai. Kyon ke rooh ki khushi is mein hai, us se zyaada khoobsoorat aur maaldar logon mein nahin hai, us ek mein hai.

Insaan ashraful makhlooqaat (most evoked) hai uski rooh ki khushi us se kamtar (lesser) cheezon mein nahin hai, ye baaqi saari cheezen hum se kamtar hain na, hum in se bartar (higher) hain, ye saari cheezen humaare liye zaroorat ke liye paida ki gaeen, hum ne inhen poojna shuru kar diya, hum ne in mein khushi talash karni shuru kar di, Humen apne se badi cheez mein sukoon mil sakta hai jo haqeeqi maanon mein hum se badi hai, aur wo ek hi cheez hai ALLAH. Aur jab tak use bhoole rahenge, usko faramosh kare rahenge, us ko chodenge, haqeeqi khushi nahi mil sakti. Apne se kamtar mein sukoon nahi mil sakta apne se bartar mein sukoon milega”.


The above article is a part of a lecture of Dr. Farhat Hashmi that I heard long ago and I noted it down and today I thought of sharing it with you all. Dr. Farhat Hashmi kisi taaruf ki mohtaaj nahin hain, she’s one of the most famous women scholars of Islam in Pakistan.

Humari to deen mein maloomaat bohot thodi hai is liye socha ke nothing better than precious words of Islamic scholars that I have come across. Blog banaane ka to iraada nahin tha kabhi, lekin hamesha kuch qeemti moti chun chun kar apni kitaabon mein rakhte rahe jis mein se kuch qeemti baaten aaj aap sab se share kari hain. Bus humne jo kuch suna jo kuch padha Allah hum sab ko us par amal ki taufeeq de.

Allah Ta’ala humen taufeeq de ki hum Uska zikr karen, shukr ada karen aur behtareen ibaadat karen.

Digital Age

Drop That Selfie Lie, Start Living Again

Image credit: Unsplash

People are being driven to the ideals of perfection in the digital age, forgetting that we are inherently and deeply flawed and different from each other. Everyone is watching online and deriving a certain voyeuristic pleasure from our many antics.

We have been forced to look great, feel accomplished and tout our achievements listen to all and sundry who have the time to watch and listen to what we do. The mundane falls short on our trips torwards excellence online and the picture perfect helps highlight our strengths, even if that means going to great heights or lengths to get there with our smartphones that have higher definition cameras that can make reality disappear in a flash. 

We want to be like others and are being coerced to love the attention showered on us even if we are uncomfortable with living the imaginary life. 

We are ashamed to be in our skin or seek beyond measure to make people follow us on social media. We are removed from the present and do not realize the worth we bring to the real world and those around us.

There is pressure, we are easily ashamed and there is enduring guilt. Children face it from an early age. We are demanding and are relentless in our pursuit of attention which we believe will bring us long-tern happiness or short-lived joy. Flaws are not being forgiven. Failure could doom us. Everything has to be just right. Perfect, if you will. Nothing can go wrong.

Greatness is bestowed on us online and it comes easily, without the slog. Experience, talent and merit are discarded. They don’t count when looks and fake appeal make influencers out of wannabes.

We are fooled by gimmickery peddled by fools and are victims of propaganda paraded by despots and dictators. We blame the online life and social medium while failing to look deep within us. We are losing our children and their innocence as they seek instant fame on the social world they inhabit via their devices and gadget. They live parallel lives and we believe all is well with their world and ours.

We are selfish and push the selfie lie when we are called to be selfless. We are unforgiving of our frailties and tragedy awaits at every corner. It’s time to arise, awake and be wise to the ways of the real world while shedding our fake selves and avatars on social media. We are called to be human once again – to touch one another more and our smartphones less. Source: Khaleej Times, English newspaper in UAE

I read the above article in Khaleej Times last year and I felt the article really reflected my feelings, about how I have always felt about selfies. I don’t know why but somehow I don’t really like selfies. May be because I was born in a different time from now, a time when everything was so very different, a time when photos were so simple and real. They depicted the real moments we lives. Photos are all about capturing moments and beautiful memories but somewhere in this digital age we lost that touch of reality in our lives. I won’t say that there aren’t any good photos etc anymore but it’s all seems to be so made up, it doesn’t seem real all to me.

There was something like selfie but a bit different, we either had a tripod to keep the camera in steady or kept it elsewhere and clicked a picture of ourselves, that mostly happened in family photos at home when we all wanted to be in the frame at the same time and there was no one to take the photo.

Living in these times I too enjoy editing photos and videos only to some extent but there’s nothing like an unedited, beautiful photo that brings back golden memories.


Aao To Welcome

Binte Bashir via Canva

Welcome readers,

Aap sab ko dil se Khush aamdeed. Humne kisi se logon ke ghar aane par ye baat suni thi “Aao to ala noor, Jaao to bala door”. Kya aapne bhi Suni hai.

Lijiye suniye is ka hi Bambaiya version bhi jo kal hi suna humne. “Aao to welcome, Jaao to gardi kam” 😃😃😃😁😁😁

Yunhin socha aap sab se bhi share karen aur aapka bhi Welcome karen😁😄. Aisa wala welcome nahin hai tahe dil se aap sab ka Welcome.

Keep Smiling and Take care.

Stay Tuned for my next post.


Mausam Badla

Kaaenaat bhi ek aisi takhleeq hai Allah Ta’ala ke ise jitna dekho is mein utna hi gum ho jaao. Jitna dekho utna acha lagta hai. Ek taazgi ka ehsaas hota hai har taraf phool, patte, ped, paudhe, hawaaen baadal. In dinon barish ka mausam hone ke bawajood betahaasha garmi ho rahi hai.

“Be barse guzar jaate hain umde hue baadal,

Jaise unhen mera hi pata yaad nahin hai”. Waheed Akhtar

Lekin kal achaanak aisa mausam badla ke bus chehre par ek muskuraahat aur ajab si khushi mehsoos hone lagi. Itna khoobsurat ehsaas hai mausam ko badalte hue dekhna. Kis tarah hawaaen baadalon ko gher ke lati hain, baadalon ko udte hue dekhna rooh ko ek ajab sa sukoon hota hai.

A view of the clouds from my in-laws balcony

Chidiyon ke udne ke andaaz se hi mehsoos hota hai ke thandi thandi hawa ke maze le rahi hain aur ped paudhe hawa ke saath jhoomte hue lehlahaane lagte hain. Kaisa dilkash nazaara hai.

Guess what the best part is? Allah Ta’ala ki takhleeq ki par ghaur karne se kai saal ki ibaadat ka sawab hai. Muft ghar baithe sirf sochna ya dekhne ka sawab and to realize that it this has not been created in vain, there is One Supreme Being who has created it all just for us to enjoy His countless bounties.

Sharing with you all one such wonderful sight that speaks out loud about His Magnificent presence and Glory that I witnessed yesterday. Shaayad sab ke liye ye maamuli sa hoga lekin aasman ki taraf Phir se ek baar nazar bhar kar dekhiye to shayad mamooli se ghair mamooli lage ye sab.

A view of the clouds gathering from my in-laws balcony

I’m sure in haseen baadalon ko dekh kar kuch nahin to ek khushi ki lehar daud hi gai hogi.

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe