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Teri Rehmat

Binte Bashir Teri rehmaton pe hai munhasir mere har amal ki qubooliyat,Na mujhe saleeqa-e-iltija na mujhe shaoor-e-namaz hai. Allama Iqbal sahab ke ye lajawaab ashaar. Kis qadr jaame alfaaz mein itni gehri baat kehne ki salaahiyat se nawaaza Allah Ta'ala ne. Bilashuba humaara koi bhi amal Uski baargaah mein pesh karne ke qaabil nahin, kahin… Continue reading Teri Rehmat


‘Tis Easy Doodle

One of my favourite quote I started this doodle many days ago, drew something bit by bit but completed it today and added one of my favourite quotes to this doodle by Ella Wheeler Wilcox . " Tis easy enought to be pleasant, when life flows like a song, but the man worth while is… Continue reading ‘Tis Easy Doodle


Do You Doodle?

It’s so amazing what a wandering mind can do. Many a times when I see a piece of paper and a pen or pencil I start doodling flowers, curves, curls and swirls. Doodling is fun. It is so satisfying and surprising to see how your doodles end up. It specially happens while I’m on a… Continue reading Do You Doodle?