Brutality, Racism

Police brutality

Binte Bashir via Canva

Hello all! Introducing you to today’s guest writer Ibne Sohail. He’s and eighth grader and a very talented writer Masha Allah. He has permitted me to share this article he wrote for his school write up recently and I really loved the way he has penned down his ideas and I thought I must share it with you all too. Here it goes.

So police brutality, let’s talk about that. People are saying that police officers are abusing their power and using weapons for times where weapons are not needed. The death of George Floyd has sparked all around the world for the 4 police officers in Minnesota in which one brutally held him to the ground while his knee was on his neck, the man who was pinned down wasn’t resisting just asking for help and saying ” I can’t breath”. And the only people who could help him were the police but they were the ones who were killing him.

I completely agree with police brutality and how they over abuse their power on the citizens. This especially applies to black people. I could go on and on about the countless people that were killed for being black. This is completely unacceptable for police to abuse their power like this thats why all 50 states are protesting for George Floyd saying


Binte Bashir via Canva

But hear me out, i dont think their would be a point of police if they didn’t have weapons for self defense from criminals.
They should have batons and stun guns, they shouldn’t have any proper guns that can actually kill someone but something that can take and stun the criminal.

Binte Bashir via Canva

I believe that we should start finding and arresting the police officers that brutally killed innocent black people. How could police officers kill innocent bystanders for no reason at all, do they enjoy it!? It’s absolutely horrific.

All I’m asking for is police to be normal and I hope they change.

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