Come What May

Come what may never ever ever give up in life. No matter how hard it and impossible it may seem but always remember things seems difficult at times but it is only after hardships, trial and tribulations that we achieve success in whatever we choose to do. Nothing comes easy in life. I repeat NOTHING comes easy.

The only ones who succeed are those why try and try and try until they succeed. Remember always that there is AlMighty Allah. Have faith that He is in total control over every aspect of life. Nothing is impossible for Him. Impossible is Allah’s favourite word.

Being hopeless, doomy and gloomy doesn’t help. It doesn’t change the situation, not even a wee bit. Fret not, nothing is our hands. Just Do Your Best And Leave The Rest Upon God and He is Sufficient to take care of all our concerns and challenges.

If you think that life is a bed of roses or life is a dream, I tell you wake up my friend, wake up. Wake up to the reality of life.

Lord Byron was so true when he said “I slept and dreamt that life is beauty; I woke and found that life is duty”. We we’re sleeping in realty all the time when we felt that life is all beauty, dreams and everything charming.

A memorable old fridge magnet bought in the 90’s during my school days

Collecting fridge magnets was a craze once upon a time and this is a magnet that I bought during my school days way back in the 90’s. This is one of my all time favourite poems, simple and motivational.

No doubt that life is full of beauty but we have to put in some amount of efforts to get there. You cannot have a  beautiful rose garden without any efforts, be it our own or someone else’s hard work. You cannot expect to have a rose garden simply out of nowhere. It requires some patience, some toil and some effort.

We cannot achieve anything until we try. After all “Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit”. I end from where I began “Come What May Never Ever Ever Give Up”.

35 thoughts on “Come What May”

  1. “Being hopeless, doomy and gloomy doesn’t help. It doesn’t change the situation, not even a wee bit.”

    Ye toh mera haal bayaan kardiya apna..

    A very well-written, powerful message! 💖

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  2. “Nothing comes easy in life”

    Absolutely nothing, life is definitely tough, it’s all about perspectives, how one sees things, stays calm and patient, have trust in Him, and wait for what good He brings with it.
    Like I’m astonished at how mazeedar and meetha the fruit of sabar is. Whoever said “Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai” was absolutely right.

    This post has such deep meaning, every word and every line brings in oceans of positivity with itself.🥺❤️💐💖💖

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